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Hello, there!

I’m Deanna. I look forward to hearing from you.

I am currently accepting clients and would love to know more about your business. Fill out the short form below to contact me so we can set a time to chat and discuss how I can support your online business.


Frequently Asked

How much do you charge?

My rates begin at $30/hour. Final pricing is quoted once we’ve had a chance to discuss your unique needs. I always offer my clients the option of retaining my services on an hourly basis or purchasing a 10 hour bundle that they can use anytime without expiration.

Do you offer copywriting or graphic design?

No. Those are specialized skills and I strongly encourage you to contract with an experienced copywriter or graphic designer.

Do you offer customer service support?

My role as your VA is a behind-the-scenes type of relationship. I do not currently offer services that include direct communication with your clients or customers outside of tech support or membership portal questions.

Do you offer training or consulting?

Yes. Sometimes my clients aren’t ready to formally bring on a virtual assistant. I offer 1:1 training to my clients that allows them to handle the tech in their business with ease as well as how they can streamline existing business tasks so they have more time to work on the things that really matter – like finding clients.